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Offering you a complete, installed, compressed air solution.

  • Total financed package over a fixed term
  • All the advantages of the ‘Protect All’ package
  • Integrated remote monitoring with warning SMS and email

Airgen is a unique service offering a long term solution where a turnkey compressed air system is required. Airgen allows you to benefit from fixed costs whilst eliminating having cash-flow tied up with expensive assets.

The compressed air system you require is not always achievable through cost cutting, unknown variables and tender discrepancies. Airgen offers a start to finish solution where all these variables are accounted for.  Airgen begins with a complete site air audit which supplies the foundation for the desired system.

airgen (2)

Airgen is a long term agreement between us the supplier & you the client. Airtec currently provide several major Airgen sites, many of these sites have purpose built compressor houses and supply a guaranteed air quality of -40oC (ISO 8573-1:2001 class 1:2:2). Airgen Also offers 100% redundancy and all systems are inspected monthly by our highly trained service engineers and monitored online by our dedicated service team.

Airgen provides a professional solution to customer demands. Our current Airgen customers tell us they are not experts in compressed air but are very good at producing their core product, Airtec are experts in compressed air and are very flexible & resourceful in providing solutions.

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