Service Contracts

Repairs & Overhauls

Refurbishment and Overhauls in¬†Airtec’s Extensive Workshops.

Repairs & overhauls on your air compressor can be inconvenient and expensive, to help reduce costs Airtec has an extensive Compressed air facility based in Wigan, where we have the capability of heavy lifting, a test run facility up to 500kW and a fully equipped workshop to cater for all eventualities.

Airtec recognise the importance of safety, very often the equipment we work on is in a medium rated risk area requiring constant enforcement of control measures, entry & egress from site, work permits and travel time.

Airtec regularly receive complete compressors to short blocks. The severity of this work often requires standby equipment or a replacement for the duration of the work, Airtec have a comprehensive stock of refurbished contact cooled & oil free compressors both air & water cooled many ready to go, this service can be negotiated as part of the job & logistical plans allow for a shorter down time.

All repairs and overhauls carry a full guarantee on parts & labour and can be extended subject to service agreement.

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