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Leakage Reduction

On average a factory can use up to 40% of it’s air capacity to maintain leakage. The higher the pressure the more energy goes to waste. To put this is perspective take an average 200kw air compressor, 80kw is effectively maintaining leaks and on a 24 hour day site the cost can be enormous. Per year there are many scenarios where a reduction in leaks can save money not least in maintenance costs, capital cost and carbon footprint.

Air leakage needs to become part of the company ethos, leaks will never be stopped but can be managed to a more suitable level, aiming for 10% leakage.

At Airtec, we use an ultrasonic leak detection device, to detect the source of the leak. Most leaks will be found on air operated equipment, solenoid valves, air preparation valves, logic control valves, air lines, quick release fittings to name but a few. Very few leaks are on the main distribution pipe work. All Leaks are tagged and can be added to a timetable for repair.

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